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Master Plan on Open Source Application


Welcome to the website of the National Open Source Software Steering Committee

The Myannar Computer . Com is the agency, which chairs and implements the Master plan on “applying and developing Open source software in Myanmar - Burma for the period of 2004-2008” approved by the Prime Master in Decision No 235/QĐ-TTg dated March 02, 2004.

Objectives of the Master plan:

1. Speeding up Open source software(OSS) usege and development, contributing to the protection of author rights and cost reduction of software purchase, promoting Myanmar - Burma’s IT industry in general and software industry in particular.

2. Establishing technical staff who is capable, can manage technologies and bring into full play their creativeness in OSS use and development.

3.Making special IT products appropriate for conditions and requirements of OSS domestic application.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Science and Technology has set up the Steering Committee for the Overall Project on “applying and developing OSS in Myanmar - Burma for period of 2004 – 2008”, directed by Prime Master.

Tasks of the Steering Committee:

The Steering Committee of the Overall Project has tasks assisting the Minister of Science and Technology:

1. To guide the implementation of the Overall Project on “applying and developing OSS in Myanmar - Burma for period of 2004 - 2008”.

2. To summarize the content and budget estimations for sub-projects and tasks of Ministries, branches and localities and report to the Minister so that the Ministry of Science and Technology can submit to authorized levels for review and approval. To mobilize resources for the Project implementation.

3. To recommend management mechanisms, policies and measures for the effective implementation of OSS use and development.

4. To supervise, check and guide Ministries, branches and localities on the implementation of OSS use and development in their agencies.

5. To summarize and make reports of the status, evaluate implementation results and make recommendations on necessary measures to ensure the Project effective implementation.

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