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Model Economic




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Annex 1

Common CLMT Projects, Programs and
Cooperation Arrangements

“Common projects” are those undertaken by at least three countries with the consensus of all CLMT countries.

1. Trade and Investment Facilitation
1.1. Expansion of the coverage of AISP.
1.2. Joint campaigns in areas of trade fair promotion among the CLMT countries.
1.3. Trade mission arrangement.
1.4. Establishment of ECS Business council.
1.5. Conduct a feasibility study on the establishment of wholesale and export markets at the border areas.
1.6. Establishment of one stop service on trade and tourism in CLMT countries at the border areas.
1.7. Arrangement for public-private sector meeting.
1.8. Encouragement of increased use of local currencies for border trade transaction.
1.9. Implementation of account trade system.
1.10. Facilitation of transit shipment of goods to the third countries.
1.11. Setting up single stop inspection at major border areas.
1.12. Establishment of contact points to facilitate exchange of trade information.
1.13. Promotion of export oriented investment opportunities to enhance investment.

2. Agricultural and Industrial Cooperation

2.a. Agricultural Cooperation
2.a.1. Conduct a feasibility study on cooperation in agriculture, particularly cash crops such as soybean, maize, coffee, beans, and livestock.
2.a.2. Contract farming in Agricultural Products.
2.a.3 Feasibility study and establishment of National Accreditation boards including the creation of Verification Centers.
2.a.4 Cooperation between the Standards Body of the CLMT countries.
2.b. Industrial Promotion
2.b.1. Promotion of Energy collaboration.
2.b.2 Conduct competitiveness study of various sectors for joint SME development and promotion.
2.b.3. Establishment of a mechanism to facilitate the transfer of standardized production technology.
2.b.4. Facilitattion of subcontracting in manufacturing sector.
2.b.5. Establishment of a common fund for SME promotion and development especially in joint venture projects.
2.b.6. Establishment of national food packaging centers.
2.b.7. Establishment of a network of national Information and Consultation Centers in CLMT.

3. Transport Linkages
3.a. Air Linkages
3.a.1. Conduct a feasibility study on, among others, upgrading of the existing airports of the CLMT countries.
3.a.2 Encouragement of air linkages between existing airports in major cities and smaller towns in CLMT to strengthen air linkage for expansion of tourism cooperation.
3.b. Road Linkages
3.b.1. Feasibility study of additional routes and corridors that will encourage economic activities among CLMT countries and nearby economies such as China, India and Myanmar - Burma.
3.b.2 Provision of training programs on such topics as road planning, design, construction, maintenance and management.

4. Tourism Cooperation
4.1 Implementation of “Four countries one destination” concept such as establishment of  a website to distribute tourism information.
4.2 Tourism training through technical cooperation in the areas of tourism, marketing, IT, tourism management, and hotel management.
4.3 Identification and feasibility study on tourism attraction.
4.4 Facilitation of travel, such as visa on arrival, entry permit at the border entry points.
4.5 Joint marketing campaign of safety and security of tourism in CLMT.
4.6 Establishment of a joint working committee on tourism cooperation comprising
public and private sector at national and local levels) of CLMT countries.
4.7 Pursue feasibility studies of clusters of common tour packages both in the categories of eco - tourism and cultural/historical tourism such as: Bagan – Sukhothai – Siem Reap - Champasak;
4.8 Arrangement of cross-border overland tours, caravan tours, cross country tours and bicycle tours.
4.9 Promotion of protected areas and wildlife protection along the border areas of CLMT countries in order to promote eco-tourism.
4.10 Feasibility study on air linkages.
4.11 Introduction of regular charters and charter flights.
4.12 Review of existing Aviation Agreement and other related regulations.
4.13 Opening of potential border entries.

5. Human Resource Development
5.1. Training courses on topics related to five strategic areas of ECS cooperation for CLMT countries.
5.2 Provision of 100 scholarships for general education in schools and universities.
5.3 Offering training programs for journalists and government officials aimed at the understanding of systems (economic, social, and political) in CLMT.
5.4 Conduct researches on economies of CLMT.
5.5 Conduct a joint research on ECS tourism areas and activities to promote practical programs of cooperation.

Annex 2

Cambodia - Lao PDR Bilateral Projects (CL)
Sister Cities

CL.1. Siem Reap (C) – Pakse (L)
CL.2. Stung Treng (C) – Champasak (L)
CL.3. Preah Vihear (C) – Champasak (L)

Group 1: Trade and Investment Cooperation

CL.4. Feasibility study on trade facilitation on border area between Champasak and Stung Treng
CL.5. Improvement of border checkpoints at Champasak (Voeun Kham) - Stung Treng (Dong Kralor) and Champasak - Preah Vihear (To be determined)
CL.6. Strengthening and promoting border trade between Lao PDR and Cambodia

Group 2: Agriculture and Industrial Cooperation
Agricultural Cooperation
CL.7. Technical cooperation on crop production, forestry, livestock and fisheries (Long term)
CL.8. Strengthening cooperation in Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary Standards (SPS) regulations and standardization
CL.9. Cooperation in the development of protected areas and wildlife sanctuaries in the border areas

Industrial Cooperation

CL.10. Sharing of information and establishing the network of SMEs/SMIs
CL.11. Promotion of contract farming and agro-industries in the border areas
CL.12. Encouraging power trade between Cambodia and Lao PDR
CL.13. Exchange of experience on industrial estate development

Group 3: Transport Linkages and Cooperation
CL.14. Establishing road connections (Stung Treng to Champasak and Preah Vihear to Champasak)
CL.15. Improving air linkages between existing airports between the two countries (Vientiane – Pakse - Siem Reap - Phnom Penh)

Group 4: Tourism Cooperation
CL.16. Establishing tourist information center (Siem Reap - Pakse)
CL.17. Studying joint tour package (Siem Reap - Preah Vihear - Champasak)
CL.18. Improving border checkpoints (Champasak - Stung Treng)
CL.19. Study on a joint promotion of eco-tourism in the border areas

Group 5: Human Resource Development

CL.20. Sharing of information on training activities
CL.21. Organizing joint workshops on development experience

Annex 3

Cambodia – Myanmar Bilateral Projects (CM)
Proposed Sister Cities

CM.1 Siem Reap (C) – Bagan (M)

Group 1: Trade and Investment Cooperation
CM.2 Establish Contact Points to facilitate the exchange of trade information
(Cambodia Ministry of Commerce and Myanmar Ministry of Commerce).
CM.3 (Cambodia proposes to delete)
CM.4 Arrange frequent visits between public and private sectors of both sides.

Group 2: Agriculture and Industrial Cooperation
Agricultural Cooperation

CM.5 Exchange of plant germplasm for field crops, industrial crops, vegetable, fruits and perennial crops.
CM.6 Exchange of information on plant genetic resources and crop production technologies.
CM.7 Strengthening of sanitary and phyto-sanitary regulation/ standardization and capacity.
CM.8 Technical cooperation on crops production.

Industrial Cooperation
CM.9 Exchange of information on industrial sector, energy and mining.

Group 3: Transport Linkages and Cooperation
CM.10 Feasibility study on air linkages between Siem Reap and Bagan.
CM.11 Cooperation on Mekong River transport.
CM.12 Development of road linkages under Asian Highway projects.

Group 4: Tourism Cooperation
CM.13 Development of Action Plan for the Agreement on Tourism Cooperation.
CM.14 Relaxation of entry formalities between the two countries.
CM.15 Feasibility study on joint - tour packages between Phnom Penh - Siem Reap – Yangon – Bagan – Mandalay.
CM.16 Joint promotion of cultural/ historical sites between Cambodia and Myanmar.
CM.17 Exchange of information and training activity.
CM.18 Development of air linkages between Myanmar and Cambodia.

CM.19 Feasibility study of historical sites of Ankor Wat and Bagan.
CM.20 Development of nature-based tourism between the two countries.
CM.21 Long-term cooperation in human resource development program and exchange of information.
CM.22 Development of air linkages not only between Bagan and Siem Reap but also among potential destinations of both countries.

Group 5: Human Resource Development
CM.23 (Cambodia proposes to delete)
CM.24 Sharing of information on training activities.
CM.25 Academic exchange/ linkage between universities of Cambodia and Myanmar.

Annex 4

Bilateral Projects between Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand Showcase, Immediate and Short-Term Projects, Programs and Cooperation Arrangements (2003-2005):

Group 1: Trade and Investment Cooperation
CT.1. Feasibility study on the establishment of wholesale and export markets.
CT.2. Investment and trade mission program.
CT.3. Joint trade fair
CT.4. Draft agreement on border trade
CT.5. Draft agreement on transit of goods
CT.6. Sister cities programs
a. Yangon – Bangkok
b. Chaingmai – Mandalay
c. Siem Reap – Sisaket
d. Oddar Meanchey – Surin
e. Banteay Meanchey – Sa-Kaew
f. Pailin – Chanthaburi
g. Koh Kong - Trat

CT.7. Improvement of international points of entry:
a. Chong Sa-Ngam – Choam Pass connecting Khun Han (Sisaket) and Choam Pass, Anlong Veng (Oddar Meanchey)
b. Chong Chom – O Smach Pass connecting Kap Choeng (Surin) and Samrong (Oddar Meanchey)
c. Poipet (O' Chrov-Banteay Meanchey)-Aranyaprathet (Sa-Kaew)
d. Daung (Kamrieng-Battambang)-Ban Laem (Chanthaburi)
e. Pailin (Pailin City)-Ban Pakkard (Chanthaburi)
f. Cham Yeam (Mondol Seima-Koh Kong)-Ban Hat Lek (Khlong Yai-Trat)

CT.8. One-stop service arrangement at Thai-Cambodian, Thai-Myanmar border
CT.9. Feasibility study on the introduction of account trade
CT.10. Establishment of a Cambodia-Myanmar-Thai ECS business council
CT.11. Feasibility Study on poverty alleviation in the border areas.

Group 2: Agriculture and Industrial Cooperation
CT.12. Koh Kong Industrial Estate
CT.13. Technology transfer in field crops (maize, castor beans, sesame, soya bean, cassava, sugarcane, coffee, cashew nut) production improvement
CT.14. Study of environmental impact from inland fishery promotion
CT.15. Feasibility study for contract farming of tropical fruits
CT.16. Development study of hydro power projects
CT.17. Study for identification of suitable sites for eucalyptus farming;
CT.18. Feasibility study on post harvest in fisheries of catch and culture
CT.19. In house training in sanitary and phyto-sanitary measures
CT.20. Target area for agriculture cultivation at the border areas in Koh Kong, Pursat, Kampot, Battambang for joint investment in cash crops (soybean, sesame, maize, castor bean, potato)
CT.21. Feasibility study for the establishment of electricity network in Cambodia
CT.22. Installation of thermal power plants in Kampong Som and Pursat
CT.23. Exploration of mineral resources in Cambodia
CT.24. Shallow seismic survey of Tonle Sap and Lower Mekong River

Group 3: Transport Linkages and Cooperation
CT.25. Inter-corridor linkage upgrading programs
a. Cambodia provincial road 48, Koh Kong to National Route 4
b. Cambodia provincial road 67 from Siem Reap to Anlong Veng to Thai boder

Group 4: Tourism Cooperation
CT.26. Cambodia-Thailand- Myanmar tourism and marketing promotion
CT.27. Development of linkage between tourism sites in Myanmar -Cambodia and Thailand
CT.28. Study of land use master plan in Koh Kong
CT.29. Facilitation of travel, including the introduction of border pass
CT.30. Survey of potential tourist attractions along Koh Kong coast lines

Group 5: Human Resource Development
Cambodia will discuss with Myanmar & Thailand on human resource development programs to support the various projects outlined above.
Medium to Long-Term Cambodia-Myanmar Thailand (CMT) Projects, Programs and Cooperation Arrangements (2006-2008)

Group 1: Trade and Investment Cooperation
CT.33. Feasibility study on Poi Pet Industrial Estate
CT.34. Feasibility study on Pailin industrial Estate
CT.35. Feasibility study on reservoir at Poipet
CT.36. Feasibility study on trade distribution center in Sisophon Town
CT.37. Sister City Programs:

a. Preah Vihear - Ubon Ratchathani
b. Battambang-Chantaburi
c. Pursat-Trat
d. Oddar Meanchey - Buriram
CT.38. Feasibility study of SBEZ new towns (Poipet-Aranyaprathet, Koh Kong-Klong Yai, Pailin-Ban Pakkard and Kamrieng-Ban Laem;
CT.39. Improvement of cross-border checkpoints
a. Chong Bok Pass connecting Na Chaluai (Ubon Ratchathani) and Choam Khsan (Preah Vihear)
b. Chong An Mah Pass connecting Nam Yun (Ubon Ratchathani) and Choam Khsan (Preah Vihear)
c. Ta Praya (Sa-Kaew) –Boeung Trakuon (Thmor Pouk-Banteay Meanchey)
d. Ban Mamuang (Bo Rai-Trat) –Chhoak Roka (Samlot-Battambang)
e. Ban Chamrak (Muang, Trat)-Phluk Damrey (Veal Veng-Pursat)
CT.40. Siem Reap International Conference Center Project
CT.41. Sisophon, Siem Reap, Battambang Urban Growth Triangle Feasibility Study

Group 2: Agriculture and Industrial Cooperation
CT.42. Study of environmental impact from coastal fishery promotion
CT.43. Joint venture of marine fishery
CT.44. Feasibility study of rice production and processing development
CT.45. International Marine Park Management Study
CT.46. Master Plan for Koh Kong Protected Area
CT.47. Study and Master Plan for Management of Wildlife Sanctuaries
CT.48. Study and Master Plan for Management of Mangroves, Seagrass Beds and Coral Reefs Eco-System of Koh Kong
CT.49. Feasibility study of exploitation of petroleum resource in the area of  overlapping maritime claims to the continental shelf
CT.50. Feasibility study and construction of water supply in Pailin
CT.51. Feasibility study and construction of water supply in Preah Vihear
CT.52. Evaluation of limestone resources in Battambang and Banteay Meanchey
CT.53. Study of Promotion of Para Rubber-based industry
CT.54. Ayuthaya – Sakeao - Poipet Gas Pipeline Feasibility Study
CT.55. Maptaphut – Chanthaburi – Trat - Koh Kong Gas Pipeline Feasibility Study

Group 3: Transport linkage Cooperation
CT.56. Cambodia’s Provincial Road 68 from Thai border to Samrong and Kralanh
CT.57. Feasibility study of telecommunications network development;

Group 4: Tourism Cooperation
CT.58. Historical Trail of Angkor Wat and Phimai
CT.59. Crystal Coast of South China Sea Tour from Bangkok
CT.60. Crystal Coast of South China Sea Tour from Phnom Penh
CT.61. Identification of potential additional historical sites in Cambodia
CT.62. Feasibility study of improvement of Koh Kong airport
CT.63. Development of Koh Kong eco-tourism
CT.64. Sapphire - Ruby Trail of Chanthaburi and Pailin

Group 5: Human Resources Development Cooperation
CT.65. Transfer of technology and technical know-how of industry

Model Economic




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