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  Myanmar 5th ICT 

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Myanmar 5th ICT Exhibition

The Fifth International ICT EXHIBITION 17 th - 19 th October 2003
(Tatmadaw Convention Centre) Yangon,Myanmar. 

To generate awareness in advancements in information and communication Technology.
To promote technology transfer.
To open the door of ICT business opportunities in the local as well as the regional and gobal markets. 

Hardware software & Solutions
Internet, Intranet & e-commerce
Telecom & Networking
Digital Consumer Products 

Launch new products, technologies and services
Enter into strategic alliances
Gain Myanmar ICT Industry exposure
Benefit from International exposure
Critical insights into the consumer's mind
Corporate image Building 
Over the past two decades, no industy has had a more dramatic growth than the information and communication Technology industry, interms of the number of people directly and indirectly employed, annual sales and its penetration into every aspect of manufacturing retailing, banking insurance, communication, transportation and education. Thus it is noted that the influence of information and communication Technology is remarkable and in fact it has changed the way we conduct business. The dynamism of ICT has set a new paradigm for competitiveness, economic and social growth. Myanmar being an emerging country in striving for all round development, is seriously inveting efforts in ICT Development as one of the vital part of the Nation's Development Plan. 
Background of Myanmar 
Myanmar with an area of 676,577 square kilometers has the largest land mass in South East Asia and shares a border of 5858 kilometers with Bangladesh and india on the North-West, China on the North-East, Laos on the East and Thailand on the South-East.Fifty two million people live in peace and harmony and spreads over seven states and seven divisions. 

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